In memoriam of T.K. Mallon-McCorgray

Tom Mallon-McCorgray (24/Dec/1956 - 9/January/2014)

Tom was a truly great person with a big variety of the interests. He was well known among the best independent musical artists of the USA and some where calling him 'a musical genius'. Mr. Mallon-McCorgray was also well known as an incredible numismatist of the highest level, always keen to share his knowledge and to bring more people to the better understanding of the hobby. He spent thousands of hours to create and keep his "Coins and history of Asia" site , which was a standard destination for the numismatists to consult and get help with coins identification. His contribution to Asian numismatics will live on for generations to come. He was a great guy with a loving family and he left us too early.

Upon his death, the domain name GRIFTERREC was lost and all information made inaccessible by the new owners. In order to save Tom's legacy and to made his works available again to the general public, a team of, under permission of Tom's widow, decided to restore the Grifterrec coin database at the new location. The information was carefully collected and restored from the three different sources, including the Internet cash and archiving services. Many efforts were made to keep the structure of the site and the original information intact. Unfortunately the small number of the coin images, some extra-materials, etc. were lost. Perhaps this information might be restored in the future with the help of Internet folks. Some html code has been corrected in order to correspond to the new standards, but the main ideas was to keep Tom's work as intacts as possible. If you have any questions, recommendations or suggestions, please write us at: admin[at] or post at our forum: RASMIR.COM/FORUM (registration might be required).

The coins archive is here:

The Coins and History of Asia 2015